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Aiken-Augusta Swim League

P.O. Box 2896

Augusta, Georgia 30914



E-mail: [email protected] 


Coaches' E-mail:

Head Coach/Program Director: Kristen Schlegel [email protected]

 Home Phone: 803-613-1560


Head Age Group Coach Aiken: Kristen Schlegel [email protected]

Aiken Assistant Coach: Carey Hanlin [email protected]

Aiken Assistant Coach: Gary Mauks [email protected]


Augusta Head Age Group Coach: TBA

Augusta Assistant Coach: Diane Yelvington [email protected]

Augusta Assistant Coach: Kathleen Greely  [email protected]

Augusta Assistant Coach:  Julia Lamback  [email protected]

Augusta Assistant Coach: Laura Summerlin [email protected] 


Board of Directors E-mail:

2003-2004 ASL BOARD





Melrose York

[email protected]




Vice President

Steve Thomas

[email protected]





Jeff Lietzow

[email protected]





Debbie Charlton

[email protected]




Swim Meet Chairperson

Glenn Gobat

[email protected]




Ways and Means Chairperson

Jane Fletcher

[email protected]




Incentive Program Chairperson

Carolyn Torgesen

[email protected]




Publicity Chairperson Janet Chiu [email protected] 

Member-at-Large for Fundraising  

Mark Bowling

[email protected]




Member-at-Large for Meet Support

Cinda Moody





Program Director/ Head Coach

Kristen Schlegel

[email protected]